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Panda Aether Platform
Management Platform

Panda Security is now a part of WatchGuard Technologies

Panda Security is now a part of WatchGuard Technologies, please visit our WatchGuard Technologies website to learn more about this product!



Panda Aether Platform is an efficient, scalable and extensible platform for centrally managing all Panda Security's endpoint solutions. The innovative and integrated platform for all Panda Security endpoint security solutions. All from a single Web console and with a single agent.

This management platform is based on 8 pillars:

Real-Time information, Multi-Product, Cross-Platform, Multi-Customer, Granular, Flexible and Detailed.

Panda Aether Platform

Products managed with Aether Platform

The following products are already integrated in Aether, the new management platform from Panda Security:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Protection Plus
  • Adaptive Defense
  • Adaptive Defense 360

Purchase Options

You simply need to buy one or more of the products managed with Aether Platform in order to enjoy all the benefits of the new Panda Security platform.


Greater Management and Monitoring Options

Greater Management and Monitoring Options

Manage up to thousands of computers with granular settings, filters and customized reports. Monitor who is doing what and when with user activity control and role-based permissions.

Manage Security From Any Device

Manage Security From Any Device

Thanks to the responsive design of the management console, you can use any mobile device to manage network security, from anywhere and at any time.

Efficient Communication

Efficient Communication

Protect and manage all computers in real time, even isolated systems with no Internet access, thanks to the proxy feature included in the Aether agent.

Save bandwidth and speed up the deployment of the agent and security intelligence by designating a network computer as a cache/repository.

In Real Time

In Real Time

React rapidly to any critical security incident. Push out settings, set exclusions or launch scans on hundreds or thousands of computers in just a few seconds.

Detailed, Customized Reports

Detailed, Customized Reports

Reports with detailed, customizable information which give you complete flexibility to establish filters, run searches, set time periods, define target groups and determine the content to include. Reports can also be saved for later use.

Details of the Hardware and Software on Every Computer

Details of the Hardware and Software on Every Computer

Save time and optimize your company’s security with the hardware and software information included in all the products managed through Aether Platform.

System Requirements:

Internet Browser:

All you need is an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Platforms supported by the products managed through Aether:

Operating System Supported Versions
Windows XP SP3 or later
Windows servers Windows Server 2003 (32/64-bit and R2) SP2 or later
MacOS desktops and servers macOS 10.10 Yosemite or later
Linux desktops and servers Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 14.10, 15.04, 15.10, 16.0.4 LTS and 16.10
Fedora 23, 24 and 25

* Check with your partner or sales advisor about support for other distributions.

Android Version 4 or later


Download the Panda Aether Platform Datasheet (.PDF)