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Panda Email Protection
Email Security and Filtering From the Cloud

Panda Security is now a part of WatchGuard Technologies

Panda Security is now a part of WatchGuard Technologies, please visit our WatchGuard Technologies website to learn more about this product!



Protect your company's email traffic against all types of malware and spam. Cloud-based corporate email security and filtering.

Poor email security protection can lead to latency, email server downtime, network unavailability, productivity loss and disruption of business activities. Mass email marketing campaigns may compromise a company's reputation.

Panda Email Protection is a service that provides multi-layer protection for your company's email. In addition, thanks to its advanced cloud-based scanning technologies it does not require any additional infrastructure to start operating.

  • Email Protection requires no client infrastructure. All operations are performed in the cloud.
  • Email Protection offers immediate, effective protection against viruses and spam, through online scans performed on Panda Security's servers.
  • Email Protection is incredibly simple to use. The configuration of the service and its Web console ensure complete operability right from the outset.

More Benefits of Email Protection


Email Protection provides two anti-spam protection modules:

  • Automatic: Adapts to the user, maximizing efficiency and preventing false positives.
  • Guaranteed: Guarantees that 100% of spam is blocked, as it checks if the sender appears on a whitelist.

Email Filtering by Connection

Email filtering by connection includes various protection modules:

  • IP reputation list
  • RBL: Blacklists that log the IP addresses around the world that generate spam.
  • SPF: Protection against address spoofing when sending emails.
  • Global blacklists/whitlelist, by domain and local (by user).

Why you need an antivirus solution like email protection for your company's email

Easy to use and maintain
Email Protection allows centralized installation and management of the security of your company's email service from a Web console. It does not require installation, and platform updates are performed automatically and transparently.

It cuts costs and minimizes resource usage
Email Protection is a cloud-based service that does not require investment in infrastructure or specialized staff to manage it. It reduces bandwidth consumption in your company by filtering spam before it reaches your company's network. Plus, your users will spend less time checking junk mail.

Guaranteed service availability
Email Protection allows secure and constant access to your company's email using the Webmail service. This service guarantees email delivery during temporary crashes of the mail server and includes a backup service.

Constant system monitoring
Get a dynamic view of system status and filtering activity. Check the dashboard and reports accessible from the Web console and find out the status of your mail service.

Keep your employees' inboxes virus and spam free and guarantee availability, even if the mail server crashes.


Simple Management
Simple Management

Email Protection lets administrators configure security profiles by user, company, or domain. Its Web console can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Its central quarantine allows administrators to take mass actions on messages from the log list. Additionally, administrators can establish email usage policies for the whole organization. Finally, the solution has a sophisticated rules engine that allows automatic management of spam.

  • Manage email security by company, domain or user.
  • Manage the centralized quarantine in order to perform mass actions or apply usage policies to the company's email.
  • Use the rules engine to set criteria for automatic processing of spam.

Maximum Protection
Maximum Protection

Email Protection includes a powerful antivirus engine that leverages the maximum detection capabilities provided by Collective Intelligence. It comprises a multi-layer system of filters for inbound and outbound email, using multiple connection, antivirus and content filters to deliver the most effective security.

The integration of Cyren's technology, including antispam, pattern-based virus detection and reputation lists, provides maximum protection.

  • Proactive anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-spam protection, based on Collective Intelligence.
  • Email Protection includes Cyren technology, with anti-spam, pattern-based virus recognition and reputation lists.
  • Anti-spam protection with 99.9% effectiveness ratio.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Email Protection provides continuous email access and use via its single, Web-based administration console. Additionally, its webmail service allows users to compose, receive and send messages at all times.

In the event of email server failure, Email Protection will continue to receive and store inbound mail for up to four days in order to deliver it when the server is recovered. During this time, users can access their email via webmail or the dashboard.

Email Protection email backup feature stores messages for up to 15 days at no additional cost.

  • The Webmail service will always be available to write, receive and send email at all times.
  • If the mail server crashes, Email Protection will continue receiving external email and store it in order to deliver it when the service is restored.
  • Email Protection backs up your company's email. Access this backup copy for 2 weeks, at no extra cost.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reports
Real-Time Monitoring and Reports

The Email Protection dashboard provides administrators with a dynamic view of system status and filtering activity for various timeframes. It offers reports for users and administrators, and sends filtering information to company and domain administrators.


Robust protection

Email Protection harnesses the power of Collective Intelligence to deliver real-time proactive protection from the cloud, ensuring the highest levels of detection for known and unknown malware and threats in inbound and outbound email traffic.

Minimum costs and resource consumption

Available as a cloud-based service, it requires no infrastructure investment or specialized staff. It uses specific technologies to reduce resource and bandwidth usage with no upfront investment.

Easy to use and maintain

Security can be managed anytime, anywhere from the Web console. Installation is effortless and updates are automatic and transparent to users.

24x7 service availability

It gives users secure, uninterrupted access to email via webmail regardless of their device and location. It ensures email delivery in the event of mail server problems, and offers email backup.

Permanent, in-depth monitoring

The dashboard provides administrators with a dynamic view of system status and filtering activity for various timeframes. Its automated reports show detailed summaries of network activity and allow administrators to filter information on demand.


Download the Panda Internet Protection Datasheet (.PDF)